“Bruised Luxury” (Roberto Cavalli x Gucci) Face Mask


The “Bruised Luxury” (Roberto Cavalli x Gucci) face mask is a black and blue design featuring fabric from two popular designers, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci. This mask earned its name thanks to its bruise-like color combination and the use of “bruised” button details. The left side of this two-panel fitted mask is covered in black monogram Gucci GG fabric with an authentic Gucci button. The right side is covered is sleek navy blue Roberto Cavalli with a contrasting authentic Cavalli button. The left side of this ______ mask has __________, and the right side has _______.

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This face mask comes with adjustable white elastic cordage and clear plastic hardware.

Should you wear a face mask?

TL;DR: Yes

COVID-19 can spread between people interacting in close proximity — for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing — even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms. That’s why the CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings, preferably with a filter, in public settings.

Should you be using a filter with your face mask?

Yes. For maximum safety, we recommend using a filter with your multilayer cloth face mask. We include a week’s worth of filters with every mask.

What type of filters are included?

We include seven PM2.5 filters. Our filters are 5 layers, combining cotton, melt-blown cotton, and activated carbon to provide anti-bacterial and anti-dust protection for you. They are thin, lightweight, and easily inserted into our designer face mask pockets. We recommend you change your filter daily.

Why does PCC recycle fashion into face masks?

In this pandemic induced “new normal”, face masks have become the must-have accessory. We believe they can be fashionable too.

Are your face masks authentic?

TL;DR: Yes

We appreciate fashion just like you and because of this fact we always produce our designer face masks using 100% authentic luxury garments. We purchase our donor garments from sites like The Real Real, Tradesy, Grailed, and Poshmark.

All items we purchase are carefully reviewed by our staff when received, and if we identify the garment as counterfeit we will not use it in our masks because we never sell non-authentic fabric as authentic.

Copyright Notice

All face masks created by the Pandemic Couture Co. (“PCC”) are copyright 2020 Pandemic Couture Co. Our masks are functional art pieces. Each mask is a handmade work of art created using recycled secondhand clothing as the medium. PCC does not claim that they are authorized by any brand, or in any way related to any brand. Furthermore, PCC does not, in any way, claim that PCC face masks were created by the brands represented by the authentic donor garments used. PCC does not have any relationship with any brand used. Any brands referenced in this listing are for material descriptions only. All brands shown are copyright by their respective owners.

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