Kidrobot Logo

Kidrobot Logo

Kidrobot is a producer and retailer of designer toys, vinyl art toys and collectibles. In addition, it produces limited-edition clothing featuring it’s characters including Munny and Dunny.

Our handmade designer face masks featuring 100% authentic Kidrobot are always in style. Due to the limited edition nature of Kidrobot releases, they could be considered Vintage, but similar to Energie, we feel it deserves its own category.

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Kidrobot History

Paul Budnitz is the founder of Kidrobot, the world’s “premiere creator of art toys, fashion apparel and accessories.”

The son of a nuclear physicist and a social worker, Paul Budnitz was professionally coding safety analysis software for nuclear power plants by the time he reached high school. He also created video games for the now-legendary Commodore 64 home computer. By the time he reached college he swore he’d “never touch another computer again.”

Paul started Kidrobot in a California garage in 2002. Leveraging the technology he’d developed for his older businesses he moved the new company to New York City in 2003, and then to Boulder, CO in 2010.

“When I first started this company is was really hard to explain to people what I was doing. People would ask, ‘are they art or are they toys?’, and I’d say, ‘Both, and selling them is part of the artwork too.’ That question has always driven me a little crazy. Now the toys are in museums AND they’re for sale in stores.”

Kidrobot produces various different designer toy figures, including Munny and Dunny, both of which were featured in the New York Times and other national newspapers and magazines. Kidrobot is also known for its toy series known as Yummy World. In addition, it produces limited-edition Japanese anime figurines and collaborates with well-known television series, such as South Park and The Simpsons.