Energie Logo

Energie Logo

Energie was an Italian streetwear brand. It was founded by Wicky Hassan together with Renato Rossi in 1989. Energie was part of the Sixty group (Miss Sixty, Killah, Murphy & Nye, Refrigwear, and Energie).

Our handmade designer face masks featuring 100% authentic vintage Energie have an edgy style similar to Diesel and G-Star RAW.

While Energie is technically a vintage designer, we feel their legacy deserves its own category instead of being filed under Vintage.

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Energie History

Wicky Hassan was born in Tripoli in 1955 from a Jewish family of cloth merchants and moved to Rome in 1967, no one could even imagine that he would become the patron of a company with a turnover of 700 million euros and 400 stores all over the world.

In the late 80s, Hassan applied a very loud Mexican fabric to those ripped jeans and that was the beginning of it all. The requests were overwhelming and the decisive step arrived, he opened the first ENERGIE store in via del Corso, and in 1989 together with Renato Rossi, he founded the Sixty group (Miss Sixty, Killah, Murphy & Nye, Refrigwear and of course ENERGIE). 

At the beginning of the 90s, the store became a brand characterized by strong and bright colors, the references were those of graffitis, street art, and skate culture but without being a direct expression of those cultures and despite being often associated with clubbers.

Then the decline came. In the 2000s the space that had cropped up ENERGIE began to shrink to almost disappear, a big crisis hit the whole Sixty group. Specifically, ENERGIE tried to revive by renewing everything, logo, graphics, fit, and trying to get on a train that had already missed.

The factors were many but the most important was certainly the serious illness that hit Hassan with which he fought with all his strength until his death in 2011. 

Energie is now owned by the pan-Asian investment company Crescent Hyde Park however it appears at this time that the brand is at the very least dormant.