Anti Social Social Club Logo

Anti Social Social Club Logo

Anti Social Social Club is a streetwear brand founded by Neek Lurk, who previously worked for Stüssy as a social marketing manager. The brand has collaborated with A Bathing Ape, Rimowa, Dover Street Market, Playboy, Hello Kitty and Hotwheels.

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Anti Social Social Club History

Anti Social Social Club was founded in 2015 through Instagram and is known as ASSC. Neek Lurk runs ASSC retail entirely online without any physical store. It releases limited collections each year. The inspiration for creating this brand came from the founder’s mental health struggle at age 27. Neek used his brand as an emotional outlet for his depression. The first product was a basic hat with the logo on the side. Shortly after its founding, ASSC became a popular trend. Some celebrities have worn this brand, like Kanye WestBTS, and Kim Kardashian.

Anti Social Social Club