Happy Friday everyone. It’s time again for a fresh round of designer face mask highlights. This week we’ve got new limited edition face masks made using authentic fabrics from Gucci, Versace, KAWS, Psycho Bunny, and even some vintage fabrics too.

Remember, these are just highlights, we always have more designer masks dropping, so remember to check the website regularly.

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Here we go!

“I’m Gucci IX” Face Mask

"I'm Gucci IX" Face Mask
“I’m Gucci IX” Face Mask

The “I’m Gucci IX” face mask is a beautiful black mask featuring authentic Gucci fabric with black on black GG monogram print. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this fabric, we had to create a new mask design variation with it. This one-panel mask is made from a continuous piece of black Gucci fabric. To finish this design we topstitched it.

“Basic Gray Lines” Face Mask

"Basic Gray Lines" Face Mask
“Basic Gray Lines” Face Mask

The “Basic Gray Lines” face mask is a contemporary design we created by upcycling a single authentic Gucci dress shirt. We used that same fabric that you’ll find in our “Gray Line Art” mask but in this design, we simplified things because sometimes you need a more subdued look. The button-down shirt featured a vertical triple line design which we ran lengthwise to give the mask a more dynamic feel.

“Black and White Details” (KAWS x Versace x Gucci) Face Mask

"Black and White Details" (KAWS x Versace x Gucci) Face Mask
“Black and White Details” (KAWS x Versace x Gucci) Face Mask

The “Black and White Details” (KAWS x Versace x Gucci) face mask is an edgy triple threat. It blends together fabric we upcycle from three different designer garments – an authentic KAWS t-shirt with an embroidered breast pocket in white, an authentic Versace dress shirt in black, and an authentic Gucci monogram GG polo shirt in black and dark gray. On the left side of this two-panel fitted mask you’ll find black Versace fabric with a strip of a Gucci monogram GG’s, and on the right, you’ll find white KAWS fabric with a functional pocket. Another unique feature of this mask is its back, matching the front, it is also half black and half white.

“Hello Kitty Gets Gucci” (Vintage x Gucci) Face Mask

"Hello Kitty Gets Gucci" (Vintage x Gucci) Face Mask
“Hello Kitty Gets Gucci” (Vintage x Gucci) Face Mask

The “Hello Kitty Gets Gucci”(Vintage x Gucci) face mask is a fun extra-small design that we created for our Hello Kitty fans looking for a little luxury in their life. To create this two-panel mask we upcycled an authentic Gucci monogram GG shawl in gray and pink and vintage Hello Kitty fabric.  On the left side, you’ll find continuous pink monogram GGs printed over gray, and on the right side, you’ll find a playful block of white Hello Kitty fabric with kitties, dots, and hearts.

“Versace Classic Black II” Face Mask

"Versace Classic Black II" Face Mask
“Versace Classic Black II” Face Mask

The “Versace Classic Black II” face mask is the second design in this series. It is a subtle yet stylish all-black design featuring authentic Versace fabric with an all-over logo print that we recovered from a Versace Classic dress shirt.  To create this design, we used a single continuous piece of fabric for both sides of this one-panel mask. To provide a clean look we oriented the all-over print horizontally. This mask features topstitching.

“Busy Blue Bunnies” Face Mask

"Busy Blue Bunnies" Face Mask
“Busy Blue Bunnies” Face Mask

The “Busy Blue Bunnies” face mask is a playful design created from two separate authentic Psycho Bunny garments, a blue t-shirt and a pair of white shorts. The particular two-panel face mask earned its name due to its very busy design, this mask is covered in “activity”. On the left side, you’ll find blue Psycho Bunny fabric with a screen printed design highlighting a single Psycho Bunny in white. On the right side, you’ll find white Psycho Bunny fabric with an all-over screen-printed Psycho Bunny pattern. If you love Psycho Bunny and desire a bold yet playful design, then this face mask is for you.

“Navy T-Rex Button-Down” Face Mask

"Navy T-Rex Button-Down" Face Mask
“Navy T-Rex Button-Down” Face Mask

The “Navy T-Rex Button-Down” face mask is a playful design featuring an all-over t-rex print on a navy blue background. To create this design we upcycled a vintage Paper Denim & Cloth button-down shirt. This one-panel fitted mask captures the front of the donor garment with the button placket is centered on the mask. Complementing the all-over t-rex print are multiple button details and a functional front pocket.

Wait. Are Festivals In Our Future Soon?

With all the good COVID news we’ve been seeing these days, it almost feels like festival season could be a thing again. Could it? Here are a few limited edition EDM masks we created just in case :). If you’d like one, hit us up on IG.

EDC 2019 x Gucci
“EDC Get Green and Gucci” (Vintage EDC 2019 Bandana x Gucci) Face Mask

We couldn’t help adding a little luxury to our first limited edition EDM design. This EDC inspired mask features a thick strip of black on black authentic Gucci monogram GG fabric on the left side. This mask is also topstitched.

Vintage Hard Summer Bandana
“Hard Summer in Teal” (Vintage Hard Summer Bandana) Face Mask

We created this black, teal, and purple face mask design from a single Hard Summer bandana.

NYC Hard (Vintage Hard Summer T-Shirt)
“NYC Hard” (Vintage Hard Summer T-Shirt) Face Mask

The fabric for this red and black topstitched one-panel face mask came from a vintage black and red Hard NYC t-shirt.

Vintage Middlelands Camouflage Bandana
“Middlelands in Camo” (Vintage Middlelands Camouflage Bandana) Face Mask

Is MIddlelands more your speed? We created this two-panel camouflage mask from a single vintage Middlelands bandana.

"All Our Welcome " (EDC 2019)
“All Our Welcome Out Here ” (EDC 2019 Bandana) Face Mask

I wasn’t going to include a second EDC mask but considering how well it came out I had to include it. This sleek one-panel mask features topstitching.

Loving Our Limited Edition Masks?

Stay tuned. We’ve just received new (to us) festival shirt so you can expect more.

Still Hungry For More?

New designs are released daily. Remember these are just the highlights, we are still dropping new designs regularly! Check out our latest drops here.

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Face masks are the perfect Christmas gift for 2020.


I’d like to wish everyone an early turkey day. Due to the holiday, we will be skipping our regular blog posting next week. Cheers and stay fashionably safe this holiday season.


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