Our buyers scour the Internet for authentic luxury garments. We shop at the very same website you may be shopping at, places like TheRealReal and Tradesy. Once we find the perfect garment we make our purchase.

Once the garment has been received, regardless of the original source, we thoroughly clean the garment. This is a two-part process, first, we delicately launder the garment following its specific laundering directions, second, we sterilize the garment using UV light.

After the garment has been cleaned. We capture a photo of the garment in its unadulterated state.

The clean and disinfected garment is then carefully disassembled by hand. We take great care in this stage not to damage any fabrics. Once disassembled, we now have our authentic luxury fabric.

Each piece of fabric is then pressed to remove any wrinkles. At this stage, we remove any pieces of fabric that are damaged or inappropriate for our use. If a fabric is unstable, it receives a layer of fusible interfacing.

Our design team then receives the fabric and begins their work. Our team likes to mix and match designers to create unique face masks that would never be otherwise available. We hope you enjoy the results.

Our sewing team then receives the designs and assembles the design team’s work.

Once completed, we post the one of kind, unique designer face mask to our website.

After you order, the completed face mask is sterilized again. During the sterilization phase, we introduce a small amount of vaporized all-natural essential vanilla oil which gives your mask a clean and fresh smell.

Your mask is then hygienically sealed in an airtight mylar bag and shipped to you.