No! Our face masks are functional art. We would never use authentic luxury fabric to make general-purpose face masks. The delicate fabrics wouldn’t survive repeated rough use and it wouldn’t be financially feasible.

However, we do save all our scraps and when we aren’t making our PCC masks, we use the scraps to make face masks that we donate. That’s right, somewhere right now someone is wearing a maybe bit of Gucci or even some Louis Vuitton and not even realize it. When you purchase a PCC face mask you help us give back. For each mask we sell, we automatically donate another block of ten face masks in your name. We’ve already donated over a hundred masks and hope to donate hundreds more.

If you need face masks donated to your cause, let us know and we will try to work you into our rapidly growing list.

If you need a mask, can’t get one, and can’t afford our designer products, don’t fret. Please reach out, and PCC will help you too.