We appreciate fashion just like you and because of this fact we always produce our face masks using 100% authentic luxury garments. We purchase our donor garments from sites like The Real Real, Tradesy, and eBay.

All items on  The Real Real, and Tradesy are expertly reviewed and authenticated prior to sale, and they are very good at authentication. For example, Tradesy claims to be able to identify replicas items with “99.7% accuracy“.

eBay does not offer the same guarantees. Due to the volume of listings that they host, eBay does not have an authentication team. Instead, they have a strict counterfeit item policy. eBay prohibits counterfeit items and replicas and this policy is policed, however, things sneak in. To avoid issues we limit our eBay purchases in general, we only purchase items listed as “authentic,” and then we only use the garments if they pass our inspection.

All items we purchase are carefully when received, and if we identify the garment as counterfeit we will not use it in our masks because we never sell non-authentic fabric as authentic. eBay items receive special attention due to their lack of an authentication team. That being said, it is important to note we do not have the same capabilities as larger organizations like Tradesy so we cannot guarantee “99.7% accuracy”.

To assure you are satisfied with your purchase, please review the high-resolution images (1920 x 2560) images we provide prior to the purchase of any face mask.