When it comes to cleaning your PCC face mask you have a few options. It’s important to consider the fabric of your mask when selecting your preferred method.

  • Launder: You can wash your mask to disinfect it. Always set your washing machine to delicate and if your face mask came with a dust bag, you should place your mask inside the bag prior to washing. Air dry your mask after washing. Never use your dryer, your mask could suffer from shrinkage.
  • Quarantine: To disinfect it, leave it in a clean, safe place in your house for a few hours. You may want to place your face mask inside of a disposable, breathable, paper envelope while it is in “quarantine”. Safely dispose of the envelope at the end of the period. If you opt to not use a bag, we recommend that you place your mask in direct sunlight.
  • UV Sterilize: You can use UV light to sterilize your face mask. Place your face mask in your UV sterilizer and follow your device’s directions. This is our recommended method of disinfection.

How you clean your face mask is up to you, but we recommend using a UV sterilizer. UV sterilizers disinfect quickly and will not harm the fabric of your face mask.