While disposable face masks may seem convenient at first, they have a few issues.

First, there is the safety risk of a snapped ear loop. Due to their disposable nature, the ear loops are often attached to inexpensive glue that can easily give way. Second, they contribute to non-recyclable waste. PPE should never be placed in the recycling bin. 

Reusable fabric face masks, on the other hand, are designed for long term reuse. The straps rarely break because they are thicker and sewn in. With fabric face masks you are not contributing to waste because they are reusable. Fabric face masks can also offer improved protection if they are multilayer, and even better if they include a filter.

The biggest “issue” with reusable face masks is maintenance or proper care and washing. However, this issue is nullified by using a UV Sterilizer.

When you consider the pro’s and the con’s, it becomes clear, reusable face masks are better than disposable face masks.