According to U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, anyone can make a mask at home using items such as a hand towel, a bandanna, or an old T-shirt. However, these fabrications alone are really only effective for keeping germs from getting out. In other words, they’re good at halting the spread of germs from a sick person to a healthy one. Without added layers of protection, though, they aren’t likely to actually protect healthy people from breathing dangerous germs in.

That’s where filters come in.

Normally, one would use an N95 mask, also known as a mask with a respirator filter attached, for that purpose. But since respirator masks are needed by healthcare workers and healthcare workers only, our reusable, washable face masks feature a pocket where you can insert a replaceable filter.

Each of our face masks come with two PM2.5 filters. These filters can last up to a week depending upon use. 3M N95 filters are also available.