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  • Burberry , Palace

    “Oh Jesus I Love Classic Check Blue” (Palace x Burberry) Face Mask

    The “Oh Jesus I Love Classic Check Blue” (Palace x Burberry) face mask is all about London fashion and it makes a strong streetwear statement. It incorporates fabric from two British designers – Palace Skateboards and Burberry. The left side of this two-panel fitted mask is “Classic Check Blue”, and the right side features a blue Tri-Ferg Palace …

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  • Palace

    “Palace Finds Jesus” Face Mask

    The “Palace Finds Jesus” Face Mask face mask has a two-panel design and was created using authentic Palace Skateboards fabric. A single shirt was cut and sewn back together to create this unique functional art piece.

    This piece features a negative space cross that is cut out of a star shape on the left-hand panel and part of the Tri-Ferg logo …

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